Kim Kardashian Life Style

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Life style is important in all societies. Some of us have lifestyle of village others have a modern lifestyle. Some people's lifestyle is poor others lifestyle is luxury. An ordinary person has an ordinary lifestyle and a celebrity has different, unique, lovely, amazing lifestyle.

Celebrity is a fame and public attention by the mass media.Like Kim Kardashian.

kim kardashian is a famous celebrity, American media personality, business woman, socialite, actress. she was born in Los Angles, California on 21st October 1980.

Kim kardashisan is 39 now. Kim kardashian show up in early Reality Television series. Resent years Kim kardashian now attach with online Business & social media.Kim kardahian has released different products including mobile games.

Kim kardashian has social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, twitter. kim Kardashan shows up her life style ,Jewelries, Rings, Necklace, Clothing which are very rare.

Thousand of people inspire from Kim Kardashian life style, makeup and other luxuries. Times Magazine included the Kim kardashian as 100 most influential people in world 2015 list.

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